Conor McGregor – Men’s Style Salute

Conor McGregor Style

Conor McGregor is someone who came across our radar for his sense of style and colourful persona. We decided to throw up a salute for the latest edition of Morts & More Moment. Check out the video below;

Conor McGregor – Men’s Style Salute

Morts & More Moment – Conor McGregor Mens Style Salute


Sometimes it’s not always easy to play videos (on the train, staff meeting, left your headphones at home etc). So just for you we’ve produced a something you can read below so you dont miss out.


Morts & More Moment Video Transcript

Sena: Welcome to another edition of Morts and More Moment

In todays episode we’re going to do another style salute. Today it goes to the one and only Conor McGregor.

Now for those of you who don’t know who Conor McGregor is; he is the UFC Featherweight champion. For any of you who watch UFC (you may not even watch UFC but if you’ve heard his name) you’ll know the type of guy that he is. He’s big, he’s bold, he’s just audacious in everything he does, in the way he fights, including his dress sense.

“He Reminded Me Of Mayweather/Ali”

Joshua: I’m a fan of Conor McGregor’s style. To be honest I think I am one of the newcomers;  I didn’t really hear about him until about a year ago. He’s been around for a few years now. The first thing that struck me was not only the fact that he was good at what he did; but he was bold, he reminded me of Mayweather/Ali. So audacious in the way he approaches his opponents and his fights. Where I first saw him was Instagram where you saw him posing in so many different suits. I thought, ‘hold on! His suits look quite good’. So obviously most of his suits are tailored, his style is out there. Its bold just as his personality is. Just as Sena stated and that is the number one thing when it comes to dressing well. Obviously embodying your style is that you’re able to present your own characteristics; and your own personality and he does that very well.

There was one suit in particular that I really did like. Well one combination that he put together; which was like a cream suit, sky blue shirt and like an Irish green tie and pocket square. That was awesome, really liked that look but he’s had quite a few.

Sena: He’s got a love for checks, he loves a Glen plaid. Various different colours, the bow ties. He really goes in on his outfits. He is again one of those guys you can cut of his head off and just from his pose and type of outfit, I can be like ‘thats Conor McGregor’. The most awkward looking poses but he does them and he does it on purpose it seems.

Joshua: He pulls it off

“Everything He Does Has A Purpose”

Sena: What I love about Conor McGregor is, everything he does has a purpose. Even the way he talks he’s very much like “this is what I’m going to do” and he makes it happen. He’s like the Harvey Spector of the MMA world. When Harvey Spector says I’m going to beat you and I’m going to do it in style, you know its going to happen. Thats Conor McGregor, if he says Im going to knock you out in the first round in this way, so far he’s done it.

Joshua: I remember one of his press conferences recently; they asked him “How are you able to predict all these things that happen in your fights; and how are you so successful?”. He said to them “Well look, if you can see it in here and have the courage enough to say it here then it can happen”. I thought that was very inspirational.

Sena: Some of our style salutes aren’t just based on how people dress. There’s many people out there who dress well. Its also about the type of person they are; what they embody and what they bring to the wider forum. To beat him you have to beat him mentally. That goes for a lot of people in business; in various sectors of the world you have to be strong psychologically to be successful. I just love that about his character. When it comes to his style, everything seems to be thought about. The combinations are not for everybody; they’re for him and for that reason he gets todays style salute for sure.

That’s todays style salute guys, we hope you found it interesting. Let us know if there is anybody you feel deserves a style salute.


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