How Men Should Suit Up For The Met Gala 2015

How To Suit Up For The Met Gala 2015

When it comes to suits and the red carpet, keeping it simple makes the best statement. Whilst looking through the endless pictures of celebrities on the red carpet for the ‘looking through the china glass” themed Met Gala 2015, it was NY Yankee baseball star Derek Jeter who stood out as a favourite.


"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis



His execution was exceptional. A simple black tuxedo, done right. With this post we’d like to highlight how a man can kill it when it comes to a red carpet event.


Derek Jeter Met Gala 2015


1. See here how the shoulders sit snug, not to much padding and/or fabric hanging over (Equally his shoulder is not bulging out of the jacket either)

2. A crisp white button down shirt. Simple. When you think class, white always delivers.

3. A black bow tie, tied well. It looks neat, tidy and simplistic.

4. The Jacket fits around his stomach perfectly. No loose material or strains on the jacket closure.

5. Just about an inch of cuff showing. Thats the most ideal amount. Too much cuff showing and the jacket seems ridiculously small, yet no cuff showing runs the risk of you looking like you borrowed your dads jacket.

6. The trousers are the right length. One break in the trouser leg.

7. A nice pair of black shoes.


What are your thoughts of the suits at the Met Gala 2015?

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