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Jacket Vents

Have you ever thought about the effect you jacket vents have on your choice of suit. For many men, there isn’t a choice in the type of jacket vent they have. They just take what comes with the suit. When suits are bought RTW at a low price point, chances are the vent will be a single one. Most likely an after effect of minimal production costs. When there is a choice given to what jacket vents you’d like, there is usually 3 options. Single vents (centre vent), Double vents (side vents), and no vents.




Double Vents are a Morts & More favourite. We make no apologies about our preference for double, we simply think it looks better on the majority of men. The history behind the vent dates back to the horse riding days, when gents would ride horseback with a jacket. Therefore suits without vents were attributed to the suits which never saw a horses back; most likely dinner suits. Next time you look at someone in a dinner suit/jacket, look to see if they have any vents. Don’t be weird about it though, it’s just for research purposes. However, we’re sure you did not notice this trend. To be honest, why would you?

What jacket vents should you be going for? We discuss the differences and reasons behind choices in much more detail during this edition of Morts & More Moment.



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