Key Trend: London Fashion Week Men’s autumn/winter 2017

For many men , ‘London Fashion Week Men’s’ is a much ado about nothing. Mainly because for many years, attendance at catwalk shows have been female dominant. Thus leaving a portion of men without the experience in how to watch a fashion show, therefore reducing any potential enjoyment even further. With all the hustle and bustle of this seasons show settling, now would be a perfect time to tackle the take away from London Fashion Week Men’s.

London Fashion Week Men’s

Writing this has made me realise that a post on ‘How To Watch A Fashion Show’ is long overdue. We’ll put together something very soon. It’s when you know how to watch a show, that you can truly enjoy what the designer was trying to get across to you.

The main thing to look for when watching a fashion show, is the theme or trend, rather than one particular thing (ie a ski mask). It could even go as far as ‘all of the models are rocking designer beards’. β€Ž

Loose Fit Trousers

One of the key trends we noticed at ‘London Fashion Week Men’s autumn/winter 2017’, was looser fitting trousers. It’s interesting because we’ve been noticing this trend on catwalks since 2015. It seems a few mensear designers are pushing back against the behemoth power that is ‘skinny fit’.

Change is always slow and subtle, especially when it comes to big changes in trends.β€Ž Because this has been on catwalks for so long, the change is inevitable.

How it Affects The City

This trend may not impact guys in the city that much, seeing as ‘Skinny fit’ was never really a staple of the corporate workplace. Where we may see a change is the red carpet. Weddings too perhaps. Looser fitting trousers can be great as long as they fit the wearer perfectly. For a long time we’ve always said that there’s a big difference between skinny and fitted. Always go fitted.


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