Looking Sharp In Londons Heat Wave

Theres no secret that London has been experiencing somewhat of a heat wave this week. One of the topics we often hear is, what should businessmen wear at a time like this? Fully Suit Up obviously!….not really ha! In this post we aim to tackle how guys can navigate the summer heat and still look sharp.

Looking Sharp In Londons Heat Wave

1. If possible leave the jacket at home. Where impossible to leave at home, only wear it when you’re inside with the well welcomed air conditioning.

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2. If you have to wear a full suit all the time. Opt for half lined jackets during the summer months

Half lined Jacket

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3. If you’re prone to sweating whenever the temperature surpasses the late 20’s, then having a sweat stained shirt isn’t the best look. It may not keep you cooler but wearing a undershirt underneath your shirt will work wonders in keeping your shirt fresh.

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4. Make sure your suit fabric is made from cotton or other natural fibres. They’re very breathable and help absorb moisture from the body. Linen is a great fabric for this function, however it wrinkles far to easily, so perhaps best to leave the Linen suit at home for the all important business meeting.


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5. It is said that dark colours attract heat, so therefore head for a lighter hue of grey when selecting your business’s summer fabric

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The mini heatwave may be over but its always something to bear in mind.


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