Roger Dubuis Excaliber Knights Of The Round Table.

One of the three elements that complete the look of a distinguished gentleman is a watch with class. The others are tailored suits and shoes. Say hello to the Roger Dubuis Excaliber Automatic Knights of the Round Table.




A timepiece reminiscent of the Middle Ages, highly decorated with attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship that set this pieces a cut above the rest.

The design of the watch depicts a scene with twelve knights standing at the Winchester Round Table. King Arthur and his knights. Each knight has his swords drawn, and pointed at the Tudor Rose in the middle. The knight’s are cast in 18k pink gold, by hand, and placed around the dial to function as hour markers.


The level of detail is immense, each sword is held slightly different by each knight. Roger Dubuis wanted each single knight to be viewed as a unique piece



In a deep royal blue shade, decorated with three crowns, a royal crest is reproduced on the back-side of the watch.


The Knight’s statement surrounds the crest: “Around this table, all in equality, will sit the most valiant knights. From this room, they will set out to seek challenges, to undo wrongs, to protect the weak, and to bring down the proud.




In a world of iPhone, Android, Smart phones, and tablets, Roger Dubuis gives us a reason to keep adorning the classic male accessory they call a watch. It’s more than just time, its timeless.


Complete your look with the Roger Dubuis Excaliber Automatic Knights of the Round Table


You can find this master piece at the Roger Dubuis site here: More watches

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