Suit Up and Commute in Style like a Boss

5 things I’ve learned about my commute

A tailored suit has always been my choice of armor, but since the beginning of my professional career, the car has always been my chosen mode of travel. I’m now a city boy and tackling London’s TFL has brought me to several realisations. 5 of which I’ll share with you below.




1. In all things be polite….except for when boarding the tube/train

Polite leaves you standing on the platform thinking of excuses to tell your boss for your bad punctuality. If your you’re someone who fears human contact, then London transport is no place for you. Its a jungle and in order to navigate it successfully, you have to be prepared to get up close and  intimate with your fellow cabin strangers. Squeeze in! Just don’t touch my suit please.



train leap


2. The dismount

When it comes to your stop one must position themselves and make body movements as to notify every other passenger in their path, that it is their stop and they should make way. *Stands up, straightens suit, and buttons jacket*

Make sure you practice your body movement, it’s vital lol. I like to turn my body to face the exit doors, pick up my bag and do a march on the spot to indicate my intentions.



woman man boxing fight

3. Every wo/man for himself

No typo here. There is no sex or chivalry involved when it comes to public transport.

One morning I witnessed a man hold the doors of the train open until everybody decided to move into the carriage, allowing him space to board the train ha! “The train doesn’t leave till you move down” he retorted to disgruntled passengers. Why does no one care about creating space for others, the minute they’re safe inside the confines of the cabin?



4. If you’re early, your service will be late (better yet cancelled). If you’re late, your service will be early (yes I’ve actually witnesses a train leave early as the driver laughed at my athletic sprint to the platform)

Stress is bad for the body. No more checking out your journey planners and sweating over the minutes. Instead calmly make your way to the station when you are ready, and when your train comes, it comes. Just make sure you’ve picked the right suit, shirt and tie combination.



Newspaper sharing

5. Never pick up a copy of the free newspaper

Carrying your own newspaper is for suckers. There are plenty of shoulders to peer over and share with. It’s the funniest thing ever seeing people’s reaction to you leaning over and reading their free newspaper with them haha. Come on!! It’s free!!!

Commuters Reading Businessman's Newspaper on Train



What type of commuter are you?

We would love to know. Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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