Why Off The Peg Doesn’t Make Sense

Off The Peg

Off The Peg clothing, especially suits hold one fairly big assumption. The assumption that the world’s population has the same body proportions. ‎Anyone who’s lived in the real world (that should be you reading this right now…hopefully), knows fully well that this is far from the truth. Some people have broad shoulders, others longer or shorter arms than usual. So how all could be expected to wear the same suit (but in a different size), is ridiculous.


Mass Production


It was in the 19th Century which brought about the move towards mass production. The system of clothing came of the back of a military need to clothe soldiers quickly. With the increase in mass production came cost savings which has helped to make business boom. It doesn’t neccesarily mean it’s the best.

We took the time to discuss this in detail (along with Vanity sizing) in an edition of Morts & More Moment. Click here to watch. We hope you enjoy.


How Do You Feel About Off The Peg Clothing?

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