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Windowpane or pinstripe

You will probably have noticed that over the last few weeks we’ve been delving into the corporate world and the effects on mens style. This post will be no different. Windowpane and Pinstripe fabrics are the topic of todays conversation. How suitable are they for the workplace?


It’s A Minefield


It’s somewhat of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. It all depends on where you work. Navigating the corporate world and style has become a bit of a minefield. Sometimes you get away with it with ease, other times it could blow up in your face. The last thing any man wants, is being told to go and change by his boss.

We discuss the possibilities of Windowpane and Pinstripe fabric in detail during this edition of Morts & More Moment. Let us know what you think.



Thanks For Reading and Watching!

Be hope this helps with your thoughts around bold patterns in the workplace. Please visit us soon for your sartorial needs. By appointment only, we can meet with you to discuss and create your bespoke garments. We’re based in Bank, London. Book your appointments here.

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