I Wore The Same Tie & Pocket Square

Pocket Square

Or did I? ‎In a recent edition of Morts & More Moment, I wore a red tie and red pocket square. That move garnered quite a bit of attention; seeing as I mention that matching my tie and pocket square is something I’d never do (in a prior Morts & More Moment).


Pocket Square


The thing is; I still stick to that ruling. The tie and pocket square didn’t match. They just had the same colour. The textures and pattern were completely different. That’s a caveat that was mentioned too, when I stated that ruling. The main reason I never match the two, is because it makes it seem like they were bought from a cheap pack. In addition it displays the lack of thought put into it. Ultimately, a guy can wear whatever he likes, and this is no hard and fast rule. It’s just what I do.

Pocket Square Chronicles

Check out the edition of Morts & More Moment below, where we explain it further;


How Do You Compose Your Tie & Pocket Square?

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