A Great Corporate Uniform Is Like A Free Pen…

Corporate Uniform

..your clients & customers love it (well sort of).

A corporate uniform, just as the name states is just that. Items of clothing that bring the appearance of uniformity to everyone working for a particular corporation. Think the red suits of Virgin Atlantic, the blue shirt and trousers of Tesco, or the gold/brown of UPS. How could I forget the navy blue of the police? A uniform is clothing that helps us to easily identify a particular group of people working towards the same goal together.

Think of it like a football match. The football kit a player wears lets everybody know which side they’re on. You’ve almost certainly noticed that fans of football clubs will wear the kit too as it makes them feel connected. This is the same principle that comes in to play with the same people at a corporation or business, it helps them to stay connected to each other and the business. This is important as strength comes in numbers, the ability to provide a stellar service and a powerful message of competence can be greatly enhanced by a uniform.

We all wear a uniform whether we realise it or not. It’s like a set of twins, they’re share the same genetic make up however one pair of twins could look identical whilst the other pair could look different. You go on to compare the B2C sector to the identical twins, as everyone will tend to wear an identical uniform and then compare the B2B sector to the non-identical twins, because although they all wear smart clothing (their uniform) they’re all different (more like a dress code). Almost all companies considered to be part of the service industry to the greater public will have a uniform. It makes their service easily identifiable to the public.

It is crucial that the uniform you opt for matches the type or level of service your business provides. For example, with a high-class hotel or restaurant, it is not only important to have a stylish uniform but one that fits amazingly well. Clothes that are stylish and look well, not only make the wearer happier and complicit with the dress code but also impress upon the viewer i.e. the customer. The fit of the uniform adds that extra confidence boost and great look that all great fitting clothes provides. It means your business pays attention to detail; if you care this much about uniform and appearance then your service must be stellar.

6 Reasons Why Uniforms Work So Well


1. Strong professional outlook

Strength comes in numbers. When a group of people dress exactly the same and all behave in a great manner, it is the height of the professional ‘look’

2. Trust

If the brand/company/corporation has a good reputation for the service they provide then the very sight of an employee in that brand uniform will fill a potential customer with confidence that their needs will be met.

3. Equality & Unity

A uniform means all men, women, big, small, rich, or poor in a team will have the appearance and feeling of being on the same level. This in turn works to build camaraderie and combined purpose.

4. Simplicity

If everyone is wearing the same thing it makes it easier for all to adhere to a dress code.

5. Approachable

Potential customers will always feel at ease to approach someone wearing a uniform for the simple reason that they know that person is there to help. Many people fear rejection and a uniform removes any thought of a possible rejection.

6. Visibility

It not only makes your brand memorable but also helps your employees to be seen amongst a sea of people.


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  1. Nathan Johnson says:

    I can see why having uniforms could be really cool for certain industries. I like what you said about employees looking the same and acting in a good behavior brings trust to the company. I also agree that it is easier to approach an employee in uniform because you know for sure that they are part of the company (and not some random guy). Thanks for sharing!

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