Do Guys In Bespoke Suits Have Better Sex?

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Probably. Think about it, the guy most likely to wear a tailored suit is most likely to be a guy who takes care of his body too. Now there is a lot of circumstantial evidence here. But its not hard to see why someone in great shape would have better sex than someone who isn’t. More stamina, better concentration, focus and most importantly better blood flow 🙂

A man who wears bespoke or made to measure suits, most likely does it because he cares about his appearance. Not only this, but he is a man who is taking charge of his life and applying his influence to the things around him. Unlike those that squeeze into a suit based on a broad range of chest sizes, in the hope the other body parts fit.


What Does The Research Say?

An ‘unofficial survey’ (memory recollection) places 100% of our frequent bespoke (or made to measure) suit clients as guys who regularly go to the gym. We say ‘frequent bespoke suit clients’ to differentiate from the guy’s who buy a made to measure or bespoke suit for their wedding day, but never wear one outside of that.

Some may say its purely vanity. Thats fair enough. Others may say its taking a keen interest in yourself, and treating yourself in the best possible way. And thats fair enough too. Neither is right, neither is wrong. Its just a difference in mindset and attitude. You don’t have to be a pointdexter to know which mindset we align with at Morts & More. Taking charge of your life and giving love to yourself, is just as important as giving out love to the world. It’s easy to make a contribution to the world, once you’ve learnt to make a contribution to yourself. There are many ways to do it, and this is one of them.

Do Guys In Bespoke Suits Have Better Sex?

Now back to the sex. Can you simply buy a Morts & More Made to Measure suit (or bespoke suit) and start having better sex? Quite possibly. Would the better sex be a direct result of the suit? Unlikely. The reason is because, the guy makes the suit what it is and not the other way round. The type of guy who pays attention to detail and gives focus to the things he engages in, tends to be the type of guy who would wear a bespoke suit.

However, there is a caveat. If after reading this, you decide to buy a Morts & More suit because you want to take pride in your appearance, then you’re on the path to greatness. And we’ll be more than happy to assist. Rome wasn’t built in a day, the key is to make continual and gradual progress each day.


Thanks For Reading This Post

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