Wide Lapel? Harvey Spector vs Mike Ross debate

Slim Lapels (Mike Ross) first started coming to my attention the good part of 6-7 [...]

Chocolate & Whisky Tasting | Concilium Search

Chocolate & Whisky are the hot topic right now. The early part of this month [...]

Its Christmas!!! Well Sort Of! – Our Favourite Morts & More Moment

Can you really say Merry Christmas on the 28th of December? Either way, happy holidays! [...]

Double Breasted Jackets – Buttoned or Unbuttoned When Sitting Down?

A double breasted (DB) jacket is a sight to behold. Ever since we’ve been making [...]

Best Fashion Designer – Black British Entertainment Awards

We Won!! This month we picked up the award for Best Fashion Designer at the [...]

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Zanzibar Review – Where To Go On Holiday

Ever thought of going to Zanzibar on holiday? Well we’re now introducing a ‘where to [...]

2018 Powerlist by Powerful Media – Memorable Moments

The 2018 Powerlist is an up to date compilation of Britains most influential people of African [...]

Starting A Business (The Challenges)

Starting a business can be tough. There are so many reasons a business can fail, [...]

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Should You Remove The Tack Stitching?

Tack stitching, it keeps it all together. These are the stitches that are put into [...]

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5 Tips For Running For A Bus In Your Tailored Suit

Wearing a tailored suit is great. The way you look and the way you feel [...]