Getting Dressed

getting dressed

I was asked about what inspired the way I put my outfit together each day. I think through most of the getting dressed process subconsciously. My first thought is about who I’ll be meeting that day. Typically the older generation tend to be traditional & the younger generation contemporary.

My style remains the same but how I express it can be tweaked. I tend to be reserved for when I’m in the company of traditional mindsets & more flamboyant for the rest. My suit is the first thing I select, my shirt the second. I believe the shirt should contrast the vibrancy of my chosen suit fabric. Bold patterns and colourful suits blend well with plain shirts – preferably white. Plain fabrics allow for striped and patterned shirts, although white shirts can work well here too.

“..always Morts & More…”

The tie is the next item I reach for. I love knitted ties – anytime I can blend one into my outfit, I will. The majority of the ties I wear are plain (albeit bright) or stripy. I reserve the stripes for when I’m wearing a suit without a bold pattern. Then I make sure my pocket square compliments either my tie or shirt. I detail how I do that in this video here. My cufflinks are always Morts & More. The socks go on next, followed by the shoes. I like it when I can match my socks to my tie, alternatively I match or compliment them with my trousers.

I think this system is simple, yet very effective. What is yours?


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One thought on “Getting Dressed

  1. David Hodges says:

    The well dressed man should not look like he has stepped out of a shop window. The pursuit of perfection can be a turn off as it can you make you look too self conscious. Your cloths must reflect how comfortable your demeanour is. You must almost treat the finely made garments with disregard but be proud of wearing them because you’ve got something special on.

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