The Wedding Day and the Suits

Getting Married, The Groom and the Suits…

Getting married is both exciting and terrifying for most couples, though men are usually more relaxed, only having to worry about remembering their vows and getting their suits ready in time. Most of the attention during the wedding will be on your bride, but your attire is just as important.

The groom’s suit won’t get as much publicity as the bridal gown, but you must ensure that you look sharp.

Generally, your suit must be adapted to the wedding, just like everything else. Many suits are done in neutral shades of grey or black so the bride can stand out, though the groom should also do something extra to be easily identified from his groomsmen. Traditionally, the groom and groomsmen wear almost identical outfits: the same colour suit, same colour shirt, and also the same colour ties. This makes it hard to tell who exactly is getting married.

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Fortunately, there are a few ways to distinguish the groom from the other gentlemen without making him stick out like a sore thumb. These include:

Wearing an alternate wedding suit:

Wearing a different suit from your groomsmen can augment your importance on the wedding day. For instance, you could opt to dress in a cut away coat, while your groomsmen dress in stroller coats. Alternatively, you could don a single-button coat or single breasted jacket while your groomsmen dress in three-button coats or double-breasted jackets, respectively.

Wear a sophisticated flower

Wearing a more elaborate flower is probably the easiest way for a groom to stand out, while the groomsmen wear simplified boutonnieres. For instance, you can have identical flowers, but yours has additional berries, flower buds, or foliage accents such as sage, dill, and rosemary. Alternatively, the groomsmen can wear buds of a flower, while you wear a fully open bloomed flower.

Change your waistcoat

Grooms can switch up their waistcoats by choosing a different colour from that of the groomsmen, or wearing a cummerbund while the groomsmen stick to the waistcoats.

Sport a different tie

The idea is to make your tie more elaborate than that of your groomsmen. A Windsor, Ascot, Eldridge, or other bigger knots can instantly be recognised from other smaller neckties. The groom could also choose a different shade or pattern to be more noticeable.

Different shoes

To begin with, you and your groomsmen must sport sleek footwear, as getting the wrong show can ruin your attire. The groom can then take it up a notch and wear a different shade or pattern from that of the groomsmen. For instance, if you choose to go with brown shoes, the groom can choose a darker or lighter shade than the groomsmen.
These changes are usually easy to identify and distinguish the groom from the other gentlemen. However, you could also choose to change minor details, such as lapels, cuff-links, socks, or pocket handkerchiefs.

The groom could also don bolder accessories while the groomsmen wear simple ones. The whole idea of standing out is to get the groom to shine alongside his bride, and be easily recognisable in photos.

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