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mens bags and shoes

When it comes to men and accessories, the options are very slim. So you imagine style conscious guys often want to know the best ways to use accessories in a look as theres no excuse for getting it wrong (we think).

In this post we answer a question from a Youtube viewer on how to match their bags with their shoes. The question came in from someone who wears a lot of brown shoes and wants to buy a smart bag. He currently matches his brown belt and brown watch, so he can wear brown on brown. It all seems straight forward so far. The issue he has is that he doesn’t feel comfortable carrying the bag when they’re wearing black shoes. When he does wear black shoes, he only has a casual black bag and doesn’t thing it goes well.

Mens Bags & Shoes – Our opinion on matching

In the instance where you want to match all of your colours then you have to buy two smart bags, a black one and a brown one. In general we don’t think matching bags to shoes is a deal breaker. Its a ‘nice to have’. We would quite happily wear brown shoes and carry a black bag, in fact we’ve done it several times.

We put our thoughts on this subject into one of our Morts & More Moment videos a few weeks back, watch it below;


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