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We are Morts & More. A Tailoring service providing bespoke and made to measure suits in London. With tailoring being our main service, along with it comes a plethora of men’s styling advice.

Whatever advice you need regarding menswear and men’s style, this is the place to find it. If you can’t find it, then get in touch via the comment section or contact us page and we’ll provide you with the answers.

Simeon Panda Visits Morts & More

For the first time we're taking cameras into our consultation and fitting process to show [...]

Lionel Messi, Well Done Sir

Lionel Messi arguable the best footballer on the planet, possibly the best we’ve seen since [...]

Red Carpet Winners: The Golden Globes

As many that let men’s style take a loss there were much more who came [...]


Is A Style Consultant Necessary?

Wiz Khalifa shows us exactly why bespoke was invented. My guess is he only decided [...]

1 Reason To Not Wear A Short Sleeve Shirt To Work

Whenever I see a guy wear a short-sleeved shirt and tie, I’m reminded of a [...]


4 Reason’s You Don’t Wear Short Ties

4. You’re of the 21st century, not a 1940’s man You’re well aware of the [...]


Mens Style – 5 Things We Left Behind In 2015

White sports socks with your suits are criminal. It’s very reminiscent of Michael Jackson (but [...]

Why Have a Designer Suit ?

Designer Suits made in London? A bespoke designer suit is a suit that has been [...]

Odd Waistcoats – Men’s Style Tips

Mixing odd waistcoats with your suits is the topic of conversation in this edition of [...]

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Conor McGregor – Men’s Style Salute

Now for those of you who don't know who Conor McGregor is, he is the [...]